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Introduction to Summify

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See stories from Twitter, Face- book and Google Reader aggre- gated and de-duplicated in one beautiful place.


Our Story

Summify was started by Mircea Pașoi and Cristian Strat, a team of two Romanian hackers and entrepreneurs, passionate about technology and Internet startups.

They both turned down some cozy job offers from companies like Google and Facebook and moved half-way across the world to build the next fundamental piece of the Internet, the relevancy layer!

Meet the Team

We believe in small kick-ass teams that value amazing user experiences and bleeding edge technology!

  • Cristian Strat - Co-founder
    Cristian co-founded Infoarena during high-school, now the biggest Romanian community of Computer Science geeks. He also co-founded Balaur.ro, a Romanian job search engine, and interned at Google twice.
  • Mircea Pașoi - Co-founder
    Mircea won a gold medal and 3 silver medals at programming contests during high-school. He also interned at Google and Microsoft, and co-founded infoarena and Balaur.ro.
  • Mark Chua - Software Engineer
    Mark was the first graduate of a dual-degree program in Computer Science between Vancouver's SFU and China’s Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.
  • Nimalan Mahendran - Software Engineer
    Nimalan graduated from UBC with a MSC in Machine Learning and a BS in Math and CS from Waterloo. Previously, he worked at SAP and Qualcomm.
  • Robin Campbell - Community Builder
    Robin built and supported the Canadian breakdance community through Famouscircle.com. He was responsible for organizing and promoting events, and managing all online content.
  • Stefan Filip - Software Engineer Intern
    Stefan was a finalist at Google Code Jam and was awarded bronze medal in the Central European Olympiad in Informatics. He interned at Google New York and is a member of the Infoarena team.